Rakhi is angry that Adil got married

Bollywood actress Rakhi Sawant’s ex-husband Adil Khan has married again. Adil himself announced the good news on social media by sharing a bunch of wedding pictures. Rakhi was upset when the news of marriage came to light. Not only that, he has also posted on social media to vent his anger on Adil. According to Rakhi, Adil left using her body. Rakhi wrote on Netmedia – ‘I am proud of myself. I have been going through all kinds of pain, family issues, trust, heartbreak, insecurities, depression etc. I have struggled with these. Adil played with my body. But I didn’t lose.’

Earlier, Rakhi made several accusations against Adil in front of the Indian media. The actress said that Adil was in jail for six months not because of her, but because of his Iranian lover. Rakhi complains that Adil takes drugs like Viagra. Its effect lasts up to four hours. The police also found the drug. Adil started torturing him after taking medicine.


The actress further alleged that Rakhi was a victim of Adil’s perverted sex even on honeymoon. He didn’t even get a discount in the bathroom. Rakhi said that Adil has several nude videos of her. And Adil sold that video for 47 lakh taka. However, Adil denied all the allegations. He counter-accused Rakhi and said that Rakhi married her previous husband Ritesh Singh without divorcing him. Moreover, he is seven years older than Adil. Incidentally, Rakhi married Adil in 2022. The actress even changed her religion for her husband. But at the beginning of last year, she announced the separation by raising various allegations against her husband including adultery. At present Rakhi is single but Adil got married and built a new house.