Subhashree Ganguly is a mother for the third time?

Actress Subhasree Ganguly gave birth to her second child last November. And three months later, the question is suddenly raised with a video of the actress! It is seen that her hand is on the baby bump. Sitting on the sofa, he says, ‘I will have my child very soon. I’m lucky to be a mother again…’!

That’s what started the discussion around, is going to be a mother again or Subhashri! That’s not the case! Through this video, Subhashri has given the message of preserving the baby’s stem cells. And it was taken when she was pregnant with Yalini for the second time. But many fans could not catch it. So some have congratulated, some have raised the question, ‘again? Third child!’

Subhasree is now a mother of two children. Yalini and Yuvan love to do most of the responsibilities themselves. The actress, earlier told Indian media that she does all the work for her son when she is at home. He played with his son. However, Yalini was not born yet.

‘Played with my body!’, roared Rakhi ‘Played with my body!’, roared Rakhi.
Subhasree shot the Babli movie just two months after the birth of her daughter. After becoming a mother for the second time, she will make a comeback with this movie. Directed by Raj Chakraborty. The shooting of this movie is already over. Post production work is going on.

Apart from Babli, Subhasree has taken up another project of SVF. Again she is the heroine of Devalaya Bhattacharya. He will be seen in the film ‘Aleya’. After 11 years of ‘Romeo’, Subhasree will be seen in SVF’s movie. Chitrangada Chakraborty is also in this movie.

But under the banner of SVF, the actress has not one but two films for now. Apart from ‘Aleya’, he is in another project. Which will be directed by Raj Chakraborty. After seven long years, Raj will work with this production company again. The name of the film has not been announced. Apart from Raj’s own wife, Mithun Chakraborty, Ritvik Chakraborty, Anusuya Majumder and Sohini Sengupta will be seen in this movie