Producer Raj and actor Shariful Raj distributed Sehri late at night

Several pictures found on Facebook show a group of people distributing food packets on the streets of Dhaka late at night. If you don’t see it at first glance, but if you take a closer look, you will understand that the distribution team includes producer Mustafa Kamal Raj and actor Shariful Raj.

However, the producer Mustafa Kamal Raj did not want to talk about this. However, it is known that his film Omar is going to be released in the upcoming Eid. Shariful acted in this film. Some people associated with the film came down at midnight wearing t-shirts bearing the name of the film.

They distributed packets of food for Sehri in the late night capital Uttara, airport station and nearby areas.

The teaser of the movie Omar has already been released, there is no glimpse of the story of the movie in the teaser. However, the audience’s interest is palpable. Besides, the background music of the movie also has a touch of modernity. Which creates additional attraction in the mind of the audience