Acting in kissing scenes is not easy: Anupama

Indian south cinema actress Anupama Parameshwar. His movie ‘Tilu Square’ was released yesterday. Sidhu acted opposite her in the movie.

The trailer of Anupam’s movie was released a few days ago. It has Anupama kissing scene with Sidhu. As a result, this movie produced by Malik Ram has been heavily discussed even before its release. The actress spoke openly about the kissing scene in an interview with ABN TV.

Anupama Parameshwar said, ‘Romance is not an easy task. Two people are intimate in a private moment. But during the shooting, hundreds of people are present in front of us.

Talking about the experience of shooting the kissing scene, Anupama said, ‘Especially when I did the kissing scene inside the car, I had two wounds on my leg. Even in this situation we have to act and portray the character believably. Viewers may think romance is easy. But it is not easy.’

This is not the first time, the movie ‘Rowdy Boys’ starring Anupama Parameshwar was released on January 14, 2022. Ashish Reddy acted in a pair with him. The trailer of the movie was released before the release. In it, the couple is seen in a kissing scene. Her fans were surprised to see Anupama of ‘Premam’ fame in such an intimate scene.

Anupama Parameshwar, a popular actress of South Indian cinema, entered the film industry in 2015. So far, two dozen movies starring him have been released. Abhishek caught everyone’s attention in his debut film. Most of his released movies have been successful at the box office. This actress has touched the audience with the magic of form