This time Shakib joined the shoe business

Shakib Al Hasan’s name is involved in various businesses including share trading, gold import. Most of which were controversial. He was even involved in business with fugitives from abroad. He became a member of parliament with those. After becoming an MP, he joined a new business.

A joint venture with Step Footwear is launching an apparel brand ‘SAH 75’. Step Footwear will manufacture, market and market wearables under this brand. These products will be available in 95 Step Footwear showrooms across the country.

Step Footwear Managing Director Shamim Kabir confirmed the matter and said, ‘We will officially announce the joint venture and the new brand name at a hotel in the capital on Sunday. Shakib and Step Footwear will have equal shares in it.

According to the sources, Step Footwear themselves will produce some shoes under this brand. The remaining products will be collected from the country and abroad. The products will be sold from Step’s showroom. Shoes, sandals, boots, bats, pads, sportswear and wearables are available under this brand.

There are three factories of Step Footwear in Narsingdi. Trolleys, bags and backpacks are made in two of these factories. Another factory made shoemaking equipment. All three factories are in full production.