Can’t find buyers of watermelons even by miking

Watermelon market collapsed. Even by miking, the desired buyer of watermelon is not found.

On Monday, I went to CO Bazar in Rangpur and saw this scene.

Going to the surface, it can be seen that a small size watermelon is being sold at 50 taka, a medium one at 100 taka and the largest size at 150 taka. Still people are not interested in buying watermelons. Meanwhile, as the watermelons are perishable, the traders have no choice but to sell them by miking.

Watermelon trader Rakib said, “Watermelons cannot be kept for long and due to the high price, no buyers come to buy them, so we are forced to sell them as pieces at a small profit.” The same watermelon that was priced at 300 taka 1 week ago is being sold at just 100 taka in the market today