Benazir Ahmed said to be Wait

Some media have published reports about the huge wealth of former Inspector General of Police (IGP) Benazir Ahmed. After that, the matter is being discussed and written in various media. In this situation Benjir gave a post on his Facebook.

In a Facebook post on Tuesday (April 2), he advised everyone to be patient instead of getting angry.

Wrote, “A couple of people are very angry, very excited and are immediately writing editorials, sub-editorials, articles. Please have a little patience. The announcement itself is “Kutsar kissa avi bhi baki hai”.

On March 31, a news item titled ‘Aladdin’s lamp in Benazir’s house’ was published in Daily Kale Kantha newspaper. In this, the information about the huge amount of wealth of the family of this former top officer of police and RAB came out.

Later some other media reported on the matter. Besides, discussion-criticism started about Benazir Ahmed in social media.

After that he posted on Facebook about the matter. The discussion about the post has already started. Many are commenting in the comment room. Some say, “I was waiting for your speech.