Want cooperation to prevent corruption: ACC Chairman

Chairman of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) Mohammad Moin Uddin Abdullah, asking for everyone’s cooperation in preventing corruption, said that most people do not consider corruption as corruption anymore. Once upon a time, corrupt people used to walk out of their houses and walk along the road in the evening. Now they go out in public and walk in the middle of the street.

The ACC chairman said this at the unveiling of Reporters Against Corruption (RAC)’s memorial ‘Supath’ at the ACC conference room on Tuesday.

He said, working against corruption with the help of corrupt people raises questions. So while working against corruption, we have to see who we will keep with. At this time, he asked journalists for their cooperation in preventing corruption.

In the event That is to build a corruption-free country. At this time, the journalist leaders also pointed out various obstacles in the working of ACC. In view of this, the ACC Chairman assured to solve all the limitations