An unprecedented scene is the descent into the sky of the Holy Kaaba

An unprecedented scene unfolded at the Kaaba Sharif, the holy land of Islam.The surroundings of the Kaaba and the sky turned blue, which made the eyes of the worshipers close to the sight.

In a video published by the Kaaba-based website ‘Inside the Haramain’, the Kaaba and the surrounding area took on a beautiful appearance in the morning light.

At other times the Kaaba was thronged with people, but it was almost empty in the morning. Many people were seen sitting there at that time. It seems that they were reciting the Holy Quran.

After such a beautiful scene in the morning, rain falls on the Kaaba and its surroundings. However, the rain did not become an obstacle for the devotees. Thousands of Muslims throng the Kaaba like any other day of Ramadan.

On March 11, the holy month of Ramadan began in Saudi Arabia. Looks like Ramadan is almost at an end. Since the beginning of Ramadan, millions of people have come to perform prayers and Umrah at the Kaaba every day.

At least 8 million Muslims prayed at the Kaaba during the first 15 days of Ramadan. This number increased as the days progressed.

Apart from Kaaba Sharif, Madinah’s Masjid al-Nabawi is also visited by ordinary Muslims during Ramadan. It was reported in various Saudi media that in the first 15 days of Ramadan, one and a half million worshipers gathered at the Prophet’s Mosque.