3 features based on AI are coming to YouTube

Popular video sharing platform YouTube is coming with three new features based on artificial intelligence or AI. Authorities are going to launch these facilities to give users a better experience while watching videos.

Learn about YouTube’s three new AI features-

Facility to watch significant portion of video

Many people on YouTube don’t want to patiently watch the entire video, but want to watch a significant part of the video. So when the new facility is launched, a tab will be launched after double tapping where the highlight or significant part of the video will be shown through AI. The feature is currently being tested on YouTube premium version users in the US.

Comment box control

The YouTube comment box receives numerous comments. Due to lack of time it is not possible to read all the comments. When the AI ​​feature is enabled, users can filter comments on YouTube videos using two buttons, ‘Topic’ and ‘Newest’. Tapping on the topic option will show the comments in the video in different categories. Besides, AI will help to display the comments in short form.

The facility to know details about the video

If this facility is enabled, you can ask questions about YouTube videos for details. A tab called ‘Ask’ will appear below the particular educational video. By tapping there, one can take part in various quizzes along with knowing the details of various information in the video. Initially, users of the premium version of YouTube can use the trial facility.