Army gave Eid gifts to more than two hundred families in Dighinala

Army has distributed Eid gifts to more than two hundred poor and destitute families in Dighinala of Khagrachari. Each gift consisted of rice, dal, oil, sugar, tea leaves, flour and salt.

On Tuesday at 10 a.m., Eid gifts were distributed among the helpless and poor men and women who came to the ground of Kabakhali Government Primary School of the upazila organized by Dighinala Army Zone under Khagrachari region. It was distributed by Dighinala Zone Captain Lt Col Rumon Parvez PSC.

At this time, Dighinala Zone Adjutant Captain Rafid Mahmud Siddique, Medical Officer Captain Rakibul Islam Roni, Honorary Lt. Md. Abdul Mannan, JCO Quarter Master Senior Warrant Officer. Yunus Ali and Kabakhali Union Parishad Chairman Knowledge Chakma and others.

Applauding the initiative of Dighinala Army Zone, Kabakhali Union Parishad Chairman Knowledge Chakma Gyan said that Dighinala Army Zone is always working in the service of humanity. These activities are really commendable.

Dighinala Zone Commander Lt. Col. Rumon Parvez PSC said, Dighinala Zone is always engaged in the service of humanity in addition to maintaining peace, harmony and security in Dighinala. As in the past, such cooperation activities will continue in the future as well