For the first time in the annals of preconceptions, The 110-foot poster of Tilottama Tak Lagal “Pariah Movie”

The last day of the Bengali year. By noon, the mobile weather app said the temperature had crossed 41 degrees. Meanwhile, Srilekha Mitra appeared at the police station, ignoring the extreme heat. Some stray dogs are missing. The old woman who feeds them is being harassed. Instead of filing a complaint, the police officer is busy sketching a dog on white paper!

This is the first time in East India cinema. 110 feet movie cut out unveiled. Since morning, everyone on neither has been shocked to see such a big cut out of actor Vikram Chatterjee. This innovative effort of director Tathagata Mukherjee’s film “Pariah” is not only the pride of the Pariah team, but the pride of the entire Bengali cinema. Actor Vikram Chatterjee is seen in a completely different look in this film. 110 feet of the movie “Pariah” in Kolkata on Thursday.

Vikram Chatterjee is playing the lead role in the film. Vikram was not shooting on Friday. But the actor is so in tune with the unit that he appears on the floor at one point. He did not want to reveal much about his character. He only said that his character in the film has no name. There is a surprise in Vikram’s look in the film. But that look is increasingly obvious. Vikram had to undergo three months of assorted martial arts training for the role. Made the body leaner for six months. He was sitting in the make-up room and said, “I will go to the gym from here. This is the first time I have to do action in a film. The actor said, “Walking around wearing huge shoes. I am much better now. I am shooting on medication.