Voting begins in Indonesia’s elections

Indonesia, the world’s largest island nation and the world’s largest Muslim country by population, has started voting for presidential, vice presidential, parliamentary and provincial legislative elections.

On Wednesday (February 14) from 8 am local time, voting started simultaneously in 17 thousand islands of the country. About 2 lakh 59 thousand candidates are running for the presidency and 20 thousand 600 seats of the parliament-provincial legislature in this election.
The Election Commission of Indonesia said that the voting will end on Wednesday and it will be known today who is the current president of the country.

This election in Indonesia is said to be the largest one-day election in the world. However, the main interest of the country’s general public and the international community is towards the country’s presidential election. Because the current president of Indonesia, Joko Widado, is stepping down from the post of the head of state through this election.
Former Indonesian defense minister and retired general Proboyo Subiant is leading as a candidate in the presidential election.

There are allegations of human rights violations against this military officer during the time of former President Suharto. In addition, two governors of the Joko Widado-led administration, Ganjar Pranoyo and Anis Baswidan, are also candidates in this race.

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