China-Maldives Defense Agreement Signed

The South Asian island nation of Maldives has signed a defense pact with China to increase the scope of ‘military assistance’. The agreement is seen as a step towards India’s exit from the Maldives.

Tensions between New Delhi and Malé have risen since Indian troops were ordered to leave the archipelago.

Indian troops have been ordered to leave the island nation, Maldivian officials said on Tuesday. They also confirmed the signing of a ‘military assistance’ agreement with China.

The country’s Ministry of Defense said on the social media X platform, “Maldives has signed an agreement with China to build strong bilateral relations and receive military assistance.”

It is known that the agreement was signed by the Defense Minister of Maldives and a senior Chinese military officer. Maldives has historically had good relations with neighboring India.

But pro-China politician Mohammad Muijju came to power in last year’s election with India out slogan. Ever since he took over as the country’s president, India’s relationship with the Maldives has grown bitter.

The Indian Army will completely withdraw its troops. Because the President of Maldives ordered them to leave.

India is very wary of China’s growing influence in the Indian Ocean, including the Maldives and Sri Lanka