Mahesh Babu will take 5 crores for speaking 3 words

Mahesh Babu is a popular South Indian actor. He is mostly seen in Telugu movies. A year ago, Mahesh had complained that Bollywood could not pay him a decent salary, so he wanted to stay in southern films. B-Town and social media and netizens responded with criticism on his comment.

But this time Mahesh Babu was found in a different way. Mahesh Babu has joined India’s e-commerce payment system and digital wallet company Phone-Pe. The actor voiced in a notification of its money output service. Mahesh’s voice will play only when money is exchanged over the phone. His voice will be heard, ‘Thank you boss.’ Those who use the service have already heard the actor’s voice.

It should be noted that for saying these three words, Mahesh took a fee of 5 crore rupees. After the remuneration that he took for this job came to light, many people understood why he had expressed his earlier thoughts about the remuneration of Bollywood