Jaya Ahsan said to remove the tip of the forehead

Jaya Ahsan is a popular actress of two Bengali. He is always seen protesting on current affairs. A few days ago, the actress filed a writ in the High Court regarding the abuse of elephants. This time he joined the social media Facebook, about women torture.

Jaya made a post on her verified Facebook account on Thursday (February 29). There he added a picture of himself wearing a red tip.

Jaya wrote in the post, We women adorn ourselves by tipping our foreheads. On social media, we keep getting likes on our smiling faces wearing tips. But inside the house is the picture of all of us like this?

He writes that one out of every three women in the country is a victim of violence. Their beauty is smeared with blood. The tip is slipping. Their dignity as human beings is falling. Let’s protest the violence against women. Take a selfie after removing the tip of the forehead, and share it on social media by writing #OddDotSelfie. Let girls live with full human dignity.

The post has received over 22,000 reactions. Besides, there are thousands of comments from different people.

The last two films of Jaya Ahsan were released in Bengal on 9th February. ‘Bhutpari’ in West Bengal and ‘guava fragrance’ in Bangladesh.