A prepared grave at Kaucher’s residence, awaiting the remains

Four further family members of Syed Kauchar will also be laid to rest. A cot has been taken home as a result. Beside it, a burial is being prepared. Currently awaiting the body.Five members of Syed Mubarak Hossain Kauchar’s family from Shahbazpur, Sarail Upazila, Brahmanbaria, perished in the capital city’s Baili Road fire. At midday, an ambulance carrying the victims’ bodies was sent home from the city.
Syed Mubarak Hossain Kausar (50), a resident of Shahbazpur village in Sarail Upazila of the district, his wife Sapna (35), their daughter Kashfia (17), son Abdullah (7), and Noor (13) are all killed. They resided in the Madhubagh region of the.
capital.Only one and a half months have passed since Syed Mubarak Hossain Kausar returned from Italy, according to his cousin Syed Abul Farah Tuhin, who passed away. On Thursday evening, he and his family went to a restaurant. The fire there claimed the lives of Syed Kawsar, his wife Sapna, daughters Kashfia and Noor, and son Abdullah.
After the funeral, he explained, they would be laid to rest in the family cemetery.
Five persons in the same row at the cemetery are having their graves dug. They’ve brought five cots home.
They were dining together, according to a man named Sattar who was excavating tombs. Together, they perished. There was nobody left to lament.
I’ve never witnessed a death like this.