Somebody give my son-in-law, natidire ainna’

It was told to Mother Helena Begum that her son was unwell. But the mother’s mind has recognized her son’s death with accuracy. “My son, give me some Ainna,” he sobbed. Give Ainna to my son, please.Syed Mubarak Hossain Kaushar, the son of Helena Begum, his daughter-in-law Sapna Begum, their granddaughters Syeda Noor and Syeda Fatema Tujzohra Kashfia, and their lone son Syed Abdullah perished in a fire on Thursday night on Bailey Road, the capital. Everyone perished in the fire. Khandkar Para, their rural home in Sarail Upazila in Brahmanbaria’s Shahbazpur village, is currently in mourning.A month ago, Syed Mubarak Hossain, an expatriate, arrived in the nation from Italy.He traveled to Italy for business. There are four makeup stores owned by him.According to Mubarak’s relatives Mustafiz and Faisal, the entire family went to supper. He was accompanied by his three children and wife, Swapna. Everyone perished in the fire.
Nesar Ahmed, another relative, informed me that Mubarak had obtained a visa to travel to Italy with his family. He arrived to pick everyone up while on vacation.
At approximately 9:50 p.m. on Thursday, a fire started at the “Kacchi Bhai” restaurant located on the second story of the building. 45 persons had perished as of the final count.