Freed Israelis call for quick rescue of hostages

Itai Regev was among 105 hostages released in the November ceasefire in the ongoing Gaza war. This Israeli hostage, who was freed from Gaza three months ago, accused the world of forgetting the prisoners in Gaza. He called on the government to rescue the Israeli hostages.

Itai Regev (19), a freed hostage, said, “I was kept in a very horrible environment. I didn’t think I could come out alive. I was able to get out because of good luck. BBC news.

Itai, his sister, and a friend were abducted by Hamas inside Gaza from the Nova Music Festival on November 7, 2023, the report said. Later, Hamas released 130 people, including Itai, in exchange for 240 prisoners held in Israeli prisons.

Although there have been talks between Israel and Hamas over the past few weeks about a ceasefire and hostage exchange, there has been virtually no permanent ceasefire. Hamas has made a series of demands on Israel, including a permanent ceasefire and the withdrawal of Israeli troops from Gaza. On the other hand, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called this claim of Hamas an illusion.

Itai said about the release of the hostages, “I think the hostages should be brought back at any cost.” Because the value of human life is much higher than anything.

About 130 people, including Yetei’s friend Omer Shem Tov, are reportedly still being held hostage in Gaza. Israeli officials believe at least 30 of them died.

Speaking to UK MPs in London about the plight of the hostages, Itai said, ‘I was with the hostages in Gaza. I saw their plight very closely. They have been held hostage for 5 months. I call on the international community to take initiative for their release.

Describing his hostage situation, Itai said, ‘I did not see the light of the sun for 5 months. At that time, I was terribly hungry and could not take a bath. A second later, I could not even guess what was going to happen to me. I got a wound on my leg, but he didn’t give me any treatment. After suffering hell for 54 days, I was finally freed.

Itai said while explaining the ignorance of October 7, “Hamas members shot and killed many people during the attack on the Nova festival. They took many hostages, including me, to Gaza. Before that, we tried to escape. Then I got shot in the leg. My sister was also shot in the leg. We fell to the ground. We were then picked up in a jeep and taken inside Gaza. We were dropped at the mouth of a tunnel. We were kept in a room there. It seemed like a hospital to us. Later, the doctor came and treated us. I removed my and my sister’s legs. Members of Hamas are present around us at this time.