The investigation report for two cases of JBA fights on March 21

The court has fixed March 21 to submit the investigation report of two cases in Sutrapur police station regarding the frequent fights between the president and general secretary of Jagannath University (JB) branch Chhatra League during Saraswati Puja.

On Sunday (February 18), Sub-Inspector Gajendra, the officer of the general registration branch of Sutrapur police station, gave this information. He said, Metropolitan Magistrate of Dhaka. Aktaruzzaman accepted the statement of two cases and gave this order to submit the investigation report.

Earlier, two cases were filed at Sutrapur police station last Friday (February 16). Among the two cases, Abid Ishraq Niloy, Vice President of the Anthropology Department of the University Branch Chhatra League, Ibrahim Faraji Group, filed the case as the plaintiff. He accused nine leaders and activists of the Chhatra League general secretary, SM Akhtar Hossain, in the case.

The accused are Mir Mukit, Joint General Secretary of BCL, Department of Economics; Rakib Talukder, Vice President of BCL, Department of Political Science; Jai Sarkar, Arjun of the Department of Political Science, Hridoy Rana of the Department of Management, Arafat of the Department of Accountancy, Apu Saha, Sajid of the Department of Zoology, and Sohan of the Department of Zoology. Besides, 20 to 25 unidentified people have been accused.

On the other hand, Chhatra League general secretary Mahmudur Rahman of the SM Aktar Hossain group filed another case against the president group as the plaintiff. The defendants in this case are: Anthropology Department BCL Joint General Secretary Marhan Ghosh, Organizing Secretary Mayel, Central BCL Executive Member Parijat Biswas, BCL Workers Gazi Shamsul Huda, Rahul Amin, Riyad Afridi, and History Department Choin Das.

Meanwhile, in the statement of the two cases, it is said that around 3:40 pm on February 14, the plaintiff in the first case, Abid, along with 5/6 classmates from Jagannath University to Star Kabab Hotel, in front of Bangladesh Bank, accused Mukit, Arafat, Sohan, Joy, Apu, Nirab, and Rakib. 20/25 people, including Hridiya and Sajid, attacked us randomly with iron rods, bamboo sticks, steel pipes, and hammers with the intention of killing.

The plaintiff, his friend Ismail Hossain Tafsir, and his elder brother Baten Billah were injured with serious injuries. After this incident, 20/25 people, including the accused Gazi Shamsul, Choyen, Parijat, Margh, Rahul, and Mayel Riyad, attacked in front of the Victoria Park Jame Masjid at around 4:20 PM while the plaintiff Mahmudur Rahman and his friends were chatting. Some people, including Mahmudur, were injured. In two cases, charges have been filed under Sections.