Germany attacked the US drone thinking it was a Houthi drone

Yemen’s armed Houthi group is attacking one ship after another in the Red Sea. And so many Western countries, including the United States and Germany, are working there to protect security.

In the meantime, a German warship attacked the US drone. The German warship mistook the US drone for a Houthi drone. However, bullets fired at the drone during the attack did not hit it. The information was reported on Thursday (February 29) about a US defense official. News from CNN.

According to a US defense official, a German warship accidentally shot down a US drone flying over the Red Sea last Tuesday. Originally, they mistook it for a Houthi drone.

The name of the German warship is Hesse. The German frigate was deployed there as part of the European Union’s efforts to protect the vital Red Sea waterway. The official said the German warship fired at the US MQ-9 drone. But the bullet missed the target and did not hit the drone. The US official also said that it is not clear which weapon the German frigate fired at the US drone.

Earlier on Tuesday, Germany’s armed forces said on social media that Hessen had taken action against two unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). In both cases, the German military said the frigate “initiated defensive measures” and successfully “engaged” the drones.

The German military said there were no injuries or property damage to the frigate. However, the German military’s statement mistakenly did not mention the shooting at the US drone.

Germany said the ship was operating as part of the European Union’s military effort to protect commercial vessels in the Red Sea and Indian Ocean.

It is also reported that the EU operation is working in tandem with the US mission to protect commercial shipping in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden.

Meanwhile, in a statement on the same incident on Tuesday evening, the US military’s Central Command said US aircraft and “a coalition warship” shot down five Houthi one-way attack drones in the Red Sea.

However, the Central Command did not disclose the name of the ship or its country. However, a US defense official confirmed to. The ship was the German battleship Hessen.