Explosions again on the border, Firing from aircraft

Clashes between the two sides are still ongoing across the Cox’s Bazar-Teknaf border. This time, members of the Myanmar junta government forces are carrying out airstrikes to counter the rebel group, the Arakan Army.

With the loud explosion of the shells fired from the aircraft, there is again concern and anxiety among the people on the border.

Meanwhile, for the past three days, the border residents have not heard any sound of gunfire from the other side of the border.

After three days of calm in the border area, finally in the Hnila border area of Teknaf on Friday

(March 1st) Residents of the border area, along with union representatives, heard loud explosions of fire from the aircraft from early at night to 10 a.m..

Talking to some people who live in the border area, it is known that they have seen several planes circling from high in the sky of the Nafnad border and throwing mortar shells and bullets from the planes.

Rashed Mahmud Ali, chairman of Teknaf Hnila Union Parishad, told media workers that the situation in the border area was very good for three days. No gunshots could be heard coming from the other side. Finally, three days later, the sound of gunfire and the explosion of aircraft fired from across the border are heard.

The loud sound of shelling started intermittently on Friday morning.

Teknaf 2 BGB captain Lt. Col. MdMohiuddin Ahmed told the voice of time that neighboring countries are monitoring the ongoing conflict situation in Myanmar’s Rakhine state across the border. The BGB official also said that border guard BGB soldiers are always ready with a strict stance to prevent Rohingya infiltration, besides ensuring the safety of the people in the border areas of the country.