Demand for the Nationalization of Independent Ibtedayi Madrasas.

The Independent Ibtedayi Madrasa Teachers Union has made seven demands, including the nationalization of independent Ibtedayi Madrasas like primary schools.

The organization made these demands in a human chain in front of the National Press Club on Sunday (February 18).

The teachers in Manabbandhan said that primary school teachers get a salary of 22 to 30 thousand taka, but the teachers of Ibtedayi Madrasas do not get any salary. Head teachers of 1 thousand 519 Ibtedayi madrasas get 2500 taka, and assistant teachers get 2 thousand 300 taka. The rest of the registered madrasa teachers have been deprived of their salary allowance for 39 years.

Their demands are: nationalization of all registered independent worshiping madrassas; provision of all facilities, including sub-scholarships, to individual Ibatedai students like primary students; inclusion of madrassas without a code registered by the Madrasa Education Board immediately under code number; provision of PTI training for independent Ibtedayi Madrassa teachers like primary teachers; creation of class IV posts; permanent registration; and ensuring the physical infrastructure of independent Ibtedayi Madrassas like primary schools.

Kazi Mokhleshur Rahman, the chairman of the independent madrassa teacher union, is the secretary general. Tajul Islam Faraji, Bashir Ullah Atahari, Samchul Alam, Mahmudul Hasan, and others spoke.