Meiji in a challenging role

Meiji Williams became famous at the age of 26 through the TV series ‘Game of Thrones’. The British actress now headlines the new series ‘The New Look’. Three episodes of the series were released on February 14 on Apple TV Plus, the fourth came on February 21. The rest of the episodes will be released continuously till April 3. In a recent interview, he shared his experience with teverything


The 10-episode series by Todd A. Kessler is based on the life of French fashion designer Christian Dior. Meiji played the role of Catherine Dior, Christian’s sister.
In the series, she will be seen in the role of a young woman who survived the genocide of World War II. The actress said how challenging the role was for her. ‘It was very important to stay mentally strong. I have done a lot of yoga and meditation to keep my mental health in check; Isolating myself from everything was also part of this process. I know the history of that time, I shudder to remember what happened to the people of that time. The incident is the darkest part of human civilization.’
The actress had to lose weight for the role. Physical and mental preparation took a long time before acting. However, Meiji said that he did everything according to the expert’s advice. He said, ‘Fortunately I got help from some great people. I felt safe throughout the work. Even during the shoot, I couldn’t sleep properly. Still, any artist is ready to do this kind of work.’

Apart from this series, Meiji will be seen in several films and series this year. The actress herself wants to leave behind the fame of ‘Game of Thrones’ and move forward with a new identity.