India found a submarine of the liberation war in the sea

India has found the wreckage of a submarine used during the 1971 Liberation War deep in the ocean. Indian forces joined it towards the end of Bangladesh’s liberation war against Pakistan. At that time there was a war between India and Pakistan.
According to the Indian media, on December 4, 1971, the Pakistani submarine PNS Ghazi sank near the eastern seaboard of that country in an attack by Indian forces. It was found after 50 long years. RT news.
India’s Deep Sea Submerged Rescue Vehicle (DSRAV) found the submarine at a depth of 2 km in the sea. However, out of respect for the submarine’s crew, the country decided not to salvage it from the sea. The sinking of the submarine during the liberation war is considered as one of the most important events of the war. India and the then Soviet Union (Russia) sided with Bangladesh in the Liberation War. On the other hand powerful countries like USA worked for Pakistan. The submarine named PNS Ghazi reached the Vizag coast of India on November 14, 1971 from the port of Karachi, Pakistan.