Genocide in Gaza sets ‘terrible precedent: Priyanka

Indian National Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi said the massacre in the besieged Palestinian territory of Gaza has set a “terrible precedent”. He also strongly condemned Israel’s actions in the Gaza Strip. At the same time, Priyanka expressed concern about the supply of funds and weapons to the “oppressive government” of Israel.

According to reports, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra strongly condemned Israel’s actions in the Gaza Strip without mentioning Israel by name. He said the genocide in the region had set a “terrible precedent” and would remain a matter of “great shame” in human history. In a post on social media, the Congress general secretary also referred to the bombing of hospitals in Gaza and allegations of torture against doctors. At the same time, he expressed concern about the supply of funds and weapons to the “oppressive government” of Israel.

Since October 7 last year, the ongoing Israel-Hamas war has been raging in the Gaza Strip and resulting in a ‘humanitarian crisis’ in the besieged territory. Priyanka Gandhi said on social media platform X, “What the international community has allowed to happen in Gaza will not only be a great shame for the entire humanity but will be a turning point in history for the human race.He said the world was “blind” to the genocide being carried out in the Gaza Strip and that no one was stepping in when an entire nation was “begging for help”.

Priyanka Gandhi also said, ‘To turn a blind eye to genocide or (turn a blind eye) to it being carried out with impunity, turning our backs on the merciless killing of thousands of innocent children, an entire nation starving and begging for help, while hospitals are also being bombed. , doctors abusedAnd the patients are being humiliated and pushed to death.Allowing the ships of an oppressive government to use our ports, providing them (the Israeli government) with more funds and weapons to further their inhumane rampage – all this now sets a terrible precedent.’

Priyanka also said that everyone will have to pay an ‘unimaginable price’ for not raising their voice against such activities. This general secretary of the Indian National Congress said, “All rules of justice, humanity and international norms have been broken.” Humanity has been bled and each of us will pay an unimaginable price for it one day unless we raise our voices and stand up for what is right today.’