59 residential hotels were closed in Madina

Authorities have closed 59 residential hotels in the holy city of Medina in Saudi Arabia. These hotels are closed if irregularities are detected during the verification of whether the services are being provided to the tourists as per the rules.

If the closed hotels do not correct their mistakes, they will remain closed.

According to the Ministry of Tourism of Saudi Arabia, no hotel can operate without a license. If anyone breaks this law, the hotel can be closed or fined up to 1 million Saudi Riyals or both.

Recently, the Ministry of Tourism of the country took the initiative to inspect how the services are provided to the tourists in the residential hotels in the city of Medina. 1 thousand 251 hotels were found to have violated the rules.

This campaign was conducted keeping in view the holy Ramadan. The arrival of Muslims in the country will increase during Ramadan. For this reason, the Saudi authorities have already started preparations to reduce their problems. Following this, last month Saudi authorities closed 330 hotels due to irregularities.

The government of Saudi Arabia is taking various steps to make 1.5 million people travel to Saudi Arabia by 2030.