The situation in Teknaf is now normal, and BGB is in a tough position.

The border situation in Ukhia-Teknaf was tense due to the ongoing conflict between the Myanmar Janata Bahini and the Arkan Army (AA). Later, when the conflict spread across the island of Shahpari, there was panic and tension on the border.

No gunfire has been heard since Tuesday (20 February) night. This is what the residents of Shahpari Island said.

Going to the border today, I learned from Salamat Ullah’s work that people were living in insecurity at various border points in Ukhia and Teknaf for months due to the sound of mortar shells and bullets. Later, heavy clashes started again between the Junta forces and the Arkan Army to defend Mangdur Township in Rakhine.

Because of this, the residents of Shahpari Island were in fear and panic again. However, since last night, no sound of gunfire has been heard. So far, the situation seems normal.

Local fishermen said that even though the sound of gunshots is not heard, we cannot go fishing in the sea because of fear. We have to go to the sea very close to the Myanmar border to catch fish. That’s why I stopped fishing. I will go fishing in the sea after understanding the situation.

However, due to security reasons, the BGB has stopped the movement of tourists as well as locals at Shahpari Island Jetty.

Meanwhile, due to the conflict situation in Myanmar, BGB has strengthened patrolling in the Naf River area, and regular patrolling has increased. Arrangements have been made to prevent illegal intrusion in this event.

Teknaf Upazila Executive Officer (UNO), Md. Adnan Chowdhury, said that from the work of the locals, no sound of explosions or gunshots was found from yesterday night to Tuesday morning and afternoon. This is Myanmar’s internal problem. Due to the conflict situation in Myanmar, BGB and Coast Guard patrols have increased. People living on the border have been asked to be alert.