What is the benefit of building a mosque of billions of rupees? If you can’t pray

While developing the mosque, we have reached such a point that no one has any headache about performing the prayers. Currently, one of the largest and most beautiful mosques in the country is Banani Central Jame Masjid in the capital. But unfortunately no one is allowed to enter this mosque after the specified time.

A worshiper named Rahmat Ullah Tamal complained, “After 2:30 PM, when Banani went to pray at the Central Jama Masjid, he was told that he cannot pray here, he prayed elsewhere.” He said, “I am talking about spending hundreds of crores of rupees.” What is the profit? If I could not pray. So the old mosque of Banani was better and anyway I could at least pray.’
Some other common worshipers complained that since Banani Central

Jame Masjid was built in a new design, no one is allowed to enter after the scheduled prayer time. This is the rule of the mosque committee. Many have expressed anger at this rule. An angry worshiper requested the Danbirs of Banani to build a broken type mosque. So that people can pray whenever they want