We don’t want US nukes: Finland

The country’s Prime Minister Petteri Orpo has made it clear that he does not want to install any kind of US nuclear weapons inside Finland.

As the reason, he said, NATO itself does not want the proliferation of nuclear weapons. The Prime Minister of Finland said this in an interview with a Polish newspaper. News: Tasser.
The Prime Minister of Finland also said that the United States has nuclear weapons in several NATO countries. The amount of weapons kept in different countries is enough for the security of NATO.
He also said that Finland is already going to decide to further reduce the use of weapons, in this situation it is not possible to keep US nuclear weapons in our country.

Recently, Uttar Pradesh wants to deploy its nuclear weapons in more and more NATO countries. Poland, another NATO member, wants to keep such US weapons in its own country, but Finland does not feel safe and agrees not to keep US nuclear weapons.