A call to recite Khatam Tarabi in all mosques

The Islamic Foundation has called upon all mosques across the country to follow the same procedure while reciting Khatam Tarabi during the holy month of Ramadan.

The call was made in the press release of the Islamic Foundation on Friday.

According to the notification, in the holy month of Ramadan, there is a custom of reciting a certain number of verses of the Holy Quran at the end of the Taraweeh prayer in almost all mosques of the country. However, in some mosques, differences are observed. By doing this, it is not possible to preserve the continuity of Holy Quran Khatam among the working religious Muslims who travel to different places. In view of this, a sense of dissatisfaction and stress is felt among the devout devotees. They are also deprived of the full reward of finishing the Holy Quran.

In order to solve this situation, if you recite 1 and a half paras to 9 paras in the first 6 days of the holy month of Ramadan and 1 para to 21 paras in the remaining 21 days, it will be possible to finish the Holy Quran on the 27th night of Ramzan, i.e. on the holy Sabbath.

Considering the situation, in all the mosques of the country, in the last 6 days of Katma Taraweeh prayer, one and a half verses will be recited in the first 6 days and then one verse in the next 21 days. Humble to all concernedRequested.