Who is this woman with Neymar in Bahrain?

The new season of Formula One has started. Many stars are seen in attendance to watch the motorsports battle. Similarly, the eyes of the world are now on the first race of the year, Sakhir’s international circuit. Because Al Hilal’s Brazilian star Neymar has been seen.

He was also seen getting intimate with a woman while going there. That’s what started the rumor, Neymar is involved in a new relationship!

Romney was seen with Neymar, her name is Monia Al Saniye. He was also seen wearing a racer’s kit. As far as her identity is known on Instagram, she is a Saudi Arabian model. Very fond of football. Qatar was also present to watch Saudi Arabia’s World Cup match in Doha.

However, nothing else was found with that model except the picture. Before this, the news of the relationship of several models with Neymar spread. A few days ago, a model claimed to be the mother of Neymar’s daughter.

Neymar was not the only football star at the Bahrain GP. French star and former Manchester United player Patrice Evra was also present.