Saudi Arabia gave good news to the pilgrims

The Saudi Arabian government has started issuing visas for performing the holy Hajj.

And the country is allowing residential buildings for Haj pilgrims. As part of that, 1,860 buildings have already been approved for Haj pilgrims in Mecca. Gulf News reported this news on Friday (March 1) with reference to the Saudi Government Panel.

Prince Saud bin Meshaal, the deputy governor of the holy city of Mecca, said that 1.2 million pilgrims can live in the approved residential buildings. Licenses for residential buildings will be issued until the month of Shawwal.

Shawwal is the 10th month according to the Hijri year. The country’s Hajj Minister, Tawfiq Al Rabiyah, said that the number of buildings licensed to accommodate Hajj pilgrims in Mecca will exceed 5,000. Last year, two million people worldwide performed Hajj during the annual Hajj season.

The highest number of pilgrims performed Hajj last year, after the Corona pandemic. Saudi Arabia has canceled a long-standing rule for the Hajj to be held next June. According to the new rules, there will be no designation of residence in the vicinity of Mecca for the citizens of any country.The issuing of visas for this year’s Haj pilgrims started on Friday, March 1, and will continue until April 29.