A German soldier surrenders after killing four

A soldier has surrendered after shooting four civilians, according to information provided by the police in Lower Saxony, Germany. A child is also among the dead. The police and prosecutors were unable to ascertain the perpetrator’s motive. Police and government prosecutors suspect that the German army has killed four people in a nighttime shooting of a Bundeswehr soldier in Lower Saxony, northern Germany.Four bodies were recovered from two locations on Friday morning, according to a joint statement issued by Rotenburg police and the Ferdene consul’s office. Among them is the body of a child. According to the statement, the shooting took place in two residential areas. One of these occurred in Vesterfasade, the other in Bothell.”The suspect surrendered shortly after committing the crime and was arrested by police officers,” authorities said in a statement. The statement said that the investigation into this incident is going on.