Biden hopes for ceasefire in Gaza before Ramadan

US President Joe Biden said he hopes Israel and Hamas will agree to a ceasefire agreement before the start of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. However, the agreement has not yet been sealed.

Biden said this in response to a question from reporters on Friday (March 1).
He said we are negotiating for a ceasefire agreement before Ramadan, and we are working hard for it.

Representatives of Egypt, Qatar, the United States, France, and other concerned parties are trying to broker a compromise between Israel and Hamas amid the deepening humanitarian crisis in the Palestinian territories. They are looking for a strategy to draw a temporary pause in the ongoing war and free the Israeli hostages in Gaza.
The ceasefire agreement may also include the release of hundreds of Palestinians held by Israel in exchange for the release of dozens of hostages held by Hamas.

During a visit to New York, Biden was asked yesterday, When can such an agreement be started in Gaza? In response, the US president said, ‘My national security adviser told me we are very close. We are close. But we are not done yet.’