Runa Laila After an era

Runa Laila, the renowned vocalist of the subcontinent, has sung for Bangladesh Radio for an era. The song titled ‘O Bristhi Tumi’ is penned by Suman Sardar and composed by Sadek Ali.

The song was sung by Runa Laila for the transcription service at Bangladesh Betar. The song was recorded last Thursday (February 29) at the drama studio of the Transcription Service in Agargaon, the capital.After the recording, Runa Laila said, ‘It was great to be on the air after a long time. I am impressed by the modernization of wireless. And everyone’s sincerity impressed me. I loved the lyrics as well as the melody. It is expected that the audience will like the song.

Deputy Director of the Music Department of Bangladesh, Betar. Mostafizur Rahman said, “Lastly, in July 2011, Runa Laila sang two songs about the liberation war for Bangladesh Betar’s Dhaka station.”Composer Sadek Ali said that the song will be aired on Bangladesh Radio soon. Incidentally, Runa Layla officially debuted as a musician in 1964.

He made his first playback in the 1965 Pakistani film Jugnu. And Runa did not look back.