Pooja of 65 feet high Saraswati idol was held at Kotalipara.

A 65 feet high Saraswati Puja has been organized at Sri Sri Radha Gobind and Ganesh Pagal Sevashram of Ambari village of Kandi Union of Kotalipara Upazila of Gopalganj.

Devotees offered flowers at the feet of Goddess Saraswati on the fifth day of the religious festival on Wednesday. The entire area became lively with the sound of Dhak, Dhol, Khisar Badya and uludbhani.

The idol is made by Shrivas Gane. He said, I made this idol with my 8 to 10 assistants for a month. I have made idols of other idols in different parts of the country before. I made this big idol of Saraswati only here. But I charge two to two and a half lakh rupees to make such an idol. But this is my village worship. I am the vice president of this puja mandap committee. I am happy with whatever the organizers give me.

Priest Ashok Bhattacharya (60) said, I have been doing puja for 40 years. But I have never worshiped such a big idol of Saraswati before. I will worship at many places today. But I feel blessed to worship Vani Archana here.

Kotalipara Police Station SI Sukant Baul, Kajal Das and Constable Ashiq Kumar Roy said, “We have come to know that a 65 feet Saraswati Maa Puja will be held here. So we came to give Anjali. We are all celebrating the Puja with great joy. On behalf of the officer in charge of Kotalipara police station, we thank all those who organized this puja.

Ankhi Baidya, who came from Uzirpur, said, We have come to Ambari village to see this puja at our relative’s house. When I came to know that the 65 feet high idol of Saraswati will be worshipped, I came with my brothers and sisters to see this worship. I have never seen such a big Saraswati idol in my life. We are very happy to come to the Puja of Mother Saraswati.

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