Who are the Awami League candidate, in the final afternoon

Who are the A.League candidates, in the final afternoon
[14/02, 10:49 am] Raisha: Awami League will finalize the candidates for reserved women’s seats in the 12th National Parliament on Wednesday (February 14). For this purpose, a meeting of the party’s Parliamentary Nomination Board has been called at Ganabhaban at 12 noon. Awami League President and Parliamentary Nomination Board President Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will preside over it.
Before this, at 10 am in the Ganabhaban, the party’s nomination aspirants will be interviewed. There are 50 seats reserved for women in the National Parliament. A political party gets one reserved seat for women against six seats. According to this, Awami League will nominate the party in 48 seats due to the support of themselves and independents.
Awami League has sold 1 thousand 549 nomination papers for reserved seats for women. Due to this, the income of the party is 7 crore 74 lakh 50 thousand taka. According to the numerical calculations, an average of more than 32 women for each seat bought the form to get the nomination of the ruling party. Awami League sold 3,362 party nomination forms for the election of 300 parliamentary seats across the country in the 12th National Assembly elections. There were an average of 11 candidates in each seat. Almost three times as many aspirants have bought Awami League forms from reserved women MPs against each seat.
It is known that among the nominees are office bearers of Awami League, Mahila Awami League, Jubo Mahila League, Volunteers League, Krishak League and former leaders of Chhatra League. Awami League’s central leaders-ministers and wives of former and current members of parliament are also in this list.
Apart from this, the star actresses of the cultural arena, the family members of the martyrs, the women associated with various social works including NGOs. There are women of various professions including lawyers, businessmen, transgenders. Awami League leaders have said that apart from dedicated and tested women leaders of the party and affiliated organizations, renowned women of various professions will also be nominated.

Advocate Jahangir Kabir Nanak, a member of the Awami League presidium and Minister of Textiles and Jute, said that our party president Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will give the party nomination after seeing everything. He will choose qualified people to lead women for the coming days. In that case, not only the party, but the party’s sacrificers and worthy ones must be given priority. But along with that he will also keep deserving women from various professional and socio-cultural organizations.

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