Holy Shabbat today

Today Sunday night, the holy Shabbat will be celebrated in the country. Muslims of the country will observe the day with due religious dignity and solemnity.

On this occasion, there are various arrangements in mosques and madrasas across the country. In addition, the Islamic Foundation has organized a discussion meeting and special prayers at Baitul Mukarram National Mosque after Maghrib prayers.

On the night of 14th Shaban of Hijri, the holy Shaba Barat or ‘Lailatul Baraat’ is observed. Persian word ‘shab’ and Arabic word Lailatul means night. And baraat means liberation. That’s why this night is also called Mukti Rajni. Because on this night Allah Almighty forgives many people except polytheists and envious people as stated in the authentic hadith. That is why on this night prayers are prayed to Almighty Allah for deliverance from sins. Many pass this night by Nafal Namaz and Quran recitation. Besides, many people visit and pray to the graves of relatives including parents.

On the occasion of Holy Shabbat, the President. Sahabuddin and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina gave separate messages. They hope that Shabbarat will bring forgiveness, blessings, prosperity and welfare for everyone.

Shabbarat Ramadan arrival message. Many people will fast today as a preparation. There is also the custom of distributing Iftar at a neighbor’s house in the evening. Many families have a tradition of eating halwa-rooties on Shabbat. Especially in old Dhaka, the smoke of bread and meat distribution falls on the evening of Shabbat.

On the occasion of Shabbat, tomorrow Monday is a public holiday. Newspapers will not be published on this day. On this occasion, special articles have been published in newspapers today. Special programs will be aired on public and private TV and radio channels.

Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) has banned the carrying and bursting of explosives, firecrackers, firecrackers and other harmful items in the capital to protect the sanctity of Shabbat.