We are now a home-grown team: GM Quader

Chairman GM Quader said that Jatiya Party has become a domestic political party. We want to be a parasite, not a domestic political party. Consistently move from parasitism to self-sufficiency.
He said these things in his address as the chief guest at his birthday celebration at the chairman’s Banani office on Saturday (February 24) at noon.

GM Quader said, GM Quader considers this election as a big test. Now many people are saying different things and evaluating in different ways. But the right time has not yet come for

evaluation. Soon people will understand why participate in this election. He also said that this election saw how dirty politics can be. The language movement had to eliminate the discrimination but the discrimination is increasing day by day. The injustice of discrimination is still happening. The present government has made the disparity even greater. With the consciousness of Ekush, we must move forward with the

determination to build a society free from discrimination. We won not in liberation war but in freedom war.
GM Quader said, whenever we go to politics independently, we create division between us. Governments do that. Our greed is responsible for this. All party leaders should do national party politics, not government party politics. Those who do politics of other party from Jatiyo Party should be thrown out.

Jatiyo Party Chairman and Leader of Opposition Quader said that after 1990, Jatiyo Party has gradually weakened. Our country’s parties cannot survive if they are out of power. The rulers did not allow us to do politics by oppressing them.