BNP is going from door to door of foreign masters

Awami League General Secretary and Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader commented that BNP leaders are going from door to door of their foreign masters after being repeatedly rejected by the people. He said, they (BNP) are doing politics by considering the foreign ambassador as God. Those who do not respect the democratic process and elections do not believe in the empowerment of the people. The minister said these things while condemning and protesting the statements of BNP leaders in a statement signed by Awami League office secretary Biplab Barua yesterdayObaidul Quader said in the statement that their (BNP) dependence is only on foreign powers. That is why BNP has been spending huge amount of money and using lobbyists to spread propaganda against the interests of the country and the people.

On the contrary, Awami League does public welfare politics. Awami League believes that people are the only source of power.

The course of Awami League’s politics is determined by taking into account the aspirations of the people. General Secretary of Awami League said, BNP leaders do not agree with talking about electricity. BNP-Jamaat evil alliance opened Hawa Bhaban during their rule and ran the festival of looting the money of the people of the country; Then there was a corruption of Tk. 21 thousand crores in the power sector. During BNP there was load shedding for 18 hours a day.

The bridge minister said that the farmers who were agitating for electricity were shot dead. People were made fun of by installing only poles instead of electricity. BNP could not produce one megawatt of electricity. On the other hand, electricity prices were increased 9 times in five years. Thanks to Sheikh Hasina’s timely action, the power generation capacity has now increased to 29,700 MW.