Tatini used to go to Kawran Bazar to cut fish

Tanjim Saiara Tatini is the current favorite actress of the small screen. This actress, who spread fascination in one drama after another, was seen sitting in the fish market and cutting fish.

Recently, he acted in such a role in a play called ‘Rangin Asha’ directed by Rafat Majumdar Ringkur. Where Tatini had to go to the caravan market to cut fish.

The director has chosen the real Karwan Bazar fish trap to bring out the fish cutting scene in this drama. Telling that, the filmmaker said, ‘We chose the early morning for the shooting of fishing in the caravan market. I shot in the crowd of hundreds of buyers and sellers. Hired a real fish cutting shop. Sitting in that shop, Tatini cut fish and shot. There was no way to know Tatini. It seemed that the girl really worked to cut fish.

Tatini said that there were great experiences while doing the work. He said, “I shot for two hours in the early morning for three days. We had to wake up at four in the morning every day and go to the caravan market. It was difficult to continue shooting in the crowd of hundreds of eager people inside the market. Common people are more curious to see the shooting. It is also the fish of the caravan market.

Tatini also said, ‘I really cut fish in the scenes. I had no experience in this kind of work. I have fished at home for a few days. During the shooting, I was allowed to cut fish weighing five kg.

Khairul Basar acted opposite Tatini in the drama ‘Rangin Asha’. As Khairul Bashar Karwan drives a van in the bazaar. This pair will be seen as husband and wife in the drama