Market surveillance is not visible

Mariam Senjuti: The market of everyday goods is burning due to the heat of prices. Today sugar, tomorrow oil, onion. The next day it is heard that the price of another product is increasing. The situation has gone to such a level that buyers feel that syndicates of unscrupulous traders are controlling the market. They are paying little heed to the government’s warning. And experts say that the government agencies responsible for market supervision are not very active in the market. There is much talk of strengthening market supervision, but it is not visible in reality.

According to the announcement of the manifesto after the formation of the new government for the fourth time in a row, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has given the most importance to the control of the market system. He also gave instructions to the concerned. The concerned ministries and departments have been seen to be somewhat active after receiving the instructions of the Prime Minister. 12 organizations of the government have been put in charge of market monitoring of daily commodities in view of Ramadan.

And there are about 35 teams in this work. Besides, the teams are supposed to report on the market situation and take action accordingly. But common consumer-buyers complain that these monitoring organizations are not performing their duties properly. And in this opportunity the market of everyday goods has become unstable; Traders are looting profits.