Taxi lost control in 300 feet deep ditch in India, 10 killed

10 people were killed when a taxi carrying passengers lost control and fell into a 300-foot-deep ditch in Indian Kashmir.

The accident took place at a place called ‘Battery Cheshma’ in Ramban district at around 1.30 pm on Thursday.

Reportedly, a passenger taxi was heading towards Srinagar. On the way, the taxi with its passengers lost control and fell into a deep ditch on the side of the road in the Ramban area of Jammu and Kashmir.

The police reached the spot after receiving the information. Along with this, the disaster response team arrived at the scene. Local residents joined them in the rescue work.

The news agency ANI released a video of the incident. It is evident that the rescue work is going on during wartime operations. But the rescuers have to speed up, as the road is wet due to rain.

Incidentally, it has been raining and snowing in Jammu and Kashmir for the past few days. That is why the roads are wet. It is initially believed that the taxi lost control because the road was slippery.