Mahiya Mahi Officially announces about divorce

Actress Mahiya Mahi announced sudden separation from Rakib Sarkar. In a video message on Facebook on Friday (February 16) night, he said, Rakib is no longer staying with the government. The two have discussed this decision.

It is known that Mahir is not getting along with her husband Rakib for a long time. But only they know what the conflict is going on between themselves. Mahi also said that no third party will understand the matter. The actress also requested not to write bad things about the child Mosaib Arosh Samsuddin Farish Sarkar. Said, these nonsense ‘pierced him like an arrow.’

In the video message,Mahiya Mahi said, I have to make this video on such a subject, I did not think. Both of us actually decided that. Rakib is a philanthropic man. He is a very caring person. He has taken care of me a lot in the few days we have been together. Respected my family a lot.

So without answering the question why the separation, Mahi said, why two people could not stay together, why the family broke up, we will not understand these things from social media. I don’t know you personally, you don’t know me personally either.

Mahi says that she and Rakib Sarkar have decided to separate out of respect for each other. They have been separated for a long time. Now we will decide together, how it will end! I respect him a lot, I have no words to express my gratitude to him.

In the video, Mahi said in a crying voice, after watching this video, you may make many bad comments. These comments of yours will pierce like an arrow. You, not all – maybe a few people comment back and forth. i suffer My family members suffer.

He also requested not to make bad comments on Facebook. He said, when I share a picture of my liver fragment with Farish, some of you make bad comments, my liver bursts. He’s a kid, maybe he doesn’t understand. As his mother, I burst into tears. Write about any child, whatever that child is, the child is an angel.

Mahi joins hands to everyone and says, you will pray for me and Farish. I have many responsibilities now. I have not done any work for these two years. I am far from my profession. I will start work now. There are many battles in my life now. My child will grow up, I have a lot to do for him. Everyone pray that my journey with Farish will be smooth. Just one request, please don’t write nonsense.”

Mahi married Sylhet businessman Parvez Mahmud Apu in 2016. On May 22, 2021, she married Rakib Sarkar, a businessman from Gazipur, after announcing the end of their five-year relationship.