Madhubala’s life was miserable

Madhubala is one of the most beautiful and influential actresses in Indian film history. Her real name is Mumtaz Jahan Dehlvi. Although she started acting with this name, actress Devika Rani gave her name as Madhubala.

He died on this day in 1969 at the age of 36. Madhubala had a congenital heart defect. This physical problem was diagnosed in 1950, when there was no treatment for it in India. He often fell ill on the shooting sets. The doctors informed that he will live for one year at most. But later this actress succumbed to death after fighting with illness for another 9 years.

Madhubala was called the Marilyn Monroe of Bollywood. The beauty of the two has been compared. His tragic life story is painful. Madhubala started acting in Bollywood as a child artiste. He started acting in the main role at the age of 14 in the film ‘Neelakamal’.
From 1942 to 1969, he acted in 70 films in his acting career of only 27 years. ‘Mughal-e-Azam’ (1960) is the best film of Madhubala’s life. Madhubala was born on 14 February 1933 in a poor family. The actress moved to Mumbai due to her father’s job. Madhubala had several romantic relationships. Her love story with popular actor Dilip Kumar of that time created quite a response. After five years of love, Dilip Kumar gave two conditions to Madhubala. First you have to leave your family; Secondly, you have to give up acting.

Although Madhubala agreed to leave Bollywood, she was reluctant to leave her parents. Dilip Kumar-Madhubala’s relationship broke soon after that. After that, in the film ‘Chalati Ka Naam Garhi’, he met Kishore Kumar, a famous singer and comedy king of that time. Madhubala married him in 1960.