Similar characters do not attract me: Sayem Samad

Sayem Samad is a known face of acting. Although he started with the stage, he is now a regular in TV dramas and films. Acting on OTT platform as well. Masudur Rahman talked to him about acting and other issues

How is the engagement going?
Several serial dramas are being aired on various channels. Among them ‘Kusumer Katha’ on Bangladesh Television BTV, ‘Balighar’ on Green TV and ‘Jaba’ on Deepta TV. Abu Hayat Mahmud’s web series ‘Hrid Mazare’ is running on Deep Play. Due to the busyness of the series, I cannot give time to single drama. Last month I worked in the play ‘Wife-Shashuri Madhur Handi’ directed by Tushar Mahmud. ATN Bangla’s new drama series will start from March.
Which of these works is special to you?
Every job is special. But the play ‘Jaba’ brought me recognition. Through this drama, my return to acting has been beautiful. Because I have been acting in television dramas since 1995. For 20 years I have acted alongside my job. But I could not give that much time. After that, I quit my job and tried to become regular in acting. The serial drama ‘Jaba’ gave me that opportunity. My character in this serial is anti hero. The audience accepts the character. Recently, I got two more anti-hero roles because of the job. For this I am thankful to Deepta authorities and ‘Jaba’ drama director Ashish Roy.
How do you feel comfortable in your character?
A performer is like clay. The director can portray him in his own way. I always like diverse characters. Similar characters do not attract me.
How lively do you think your character is in the film ‘Mujib: Shaper of a Nation’?
It is a historical movie. It is fortunate to be associated with it. Directed by Shyam Benegal, I played the role of Interim President Syed Nazrul Islam. I had to lose my hair for the character. I haven’t had any hair on my head for three months. I tried to portray the character with all kinds of preparations. After the release, I got a lot of appreciation for the character. Many people have said that my appearance is quite similar to Syed Nazrul Islam.
Working on a new movie?
Worked in a web film in India. Its name has not been finalized yet. Directed by Kaushik Mukherjee. Kazi Nowshaba also acted in it from Bangladesh.
Start your performance with the stage. Why not here?
I started acting from 1992 as a drama worker of Padatik Natya Sansad. I have done many plays for the team. Now I can’t find the time due to the busyness of TV dramas and movies. But the stage draws me. In 2020, I made an organization called Kanchkhela Repertory Theater with independent mindset to satisfy the thirst of acting. I did the play ‘Mujib’s Daughter’ in 2021. New plays are coming to the stage this year. The audience will find me on stage in this play. Apart from this, I am also working on stage as a guest artist.