Actress Popi’s father has passed away

Amir Hossain, father of popular actress Sadika Parveen Popi of Dhakai cinema, passed away. He breathed his last on Monday (February 26) morning. A family source of Poppy confirmed this news to the media.

It is known that Popi’s father Amir Hossain was suffering from old age disease for several years. He was under treatment in the hospital for several months. He was kept in the ICU in a private hospital in the capital until his death.

The multi-national film award winning actress has been in hiatus for three years. This actress suddenly hides herself. Initially, his absence was considered normal by the film industry. But as time goes on, a fog surrounds him.

At the end of last year, it is known that Poppy has built a secret house. She gave birth to a child. It is also known that Popi gave birth to a son in a private hospital in the capital in October 2021. Her husband’s name is Adnan Kamal and her only child is Ayat. Poppy is currently living in Dhanmondi with her husband and children.

Incidentally, despite this news, Poppy did not break the cover. He did not open his mouth about family and children. He last caught up in a video message. In the video, Ilyas asked artists to vote for the Kanchan-Nipun panel during the last artist association elections. He also said that if he is lucky, he will come in front of the camera.