If there is no emotional happiness, fame-money-husband are all immovable

Kareena Kapoor is happily married to Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan. Divya is juggling both lives, personal and professional. No problem anywhere. And recently Kareena Kapoor spoke openly about that equation. Not only that, Kareena also talked about mental strength and mental happiness.

Regarding balancing personal and professional life, Kareena Kapoor said, ‘I think not only women, but everyone can do it, regardless of whether they are male or female. But I think the most important of all these things is happiness. This happiness is something that I have, because my happiness is my emotional stability. And fame, money, career, husband, children all come to a standstill if there is no mental strength and peace of mind. So I think this is a very important thing that a woman should keep alive. At least you have to keep yourself happy.

Most people assume that Kareena is actually like ‘Geet’ (character in Jab We Met) or ‘Poo’ (character in Kavi Khushi Kavi Gham). In this regard Kareena said, ‘That as I said, some things should be kept secret. Some things are better left unknown. This feeling is much needed. So we really know the man! It is not. Most people assume that I might be like Geet or Poo!

I convinced them that it was a possibility. But there is a side of me that I prefer to keep private. I think, somehow, my mental health is what keeps me mentally stable. Because, I think if people will know everything, they will judge you, then I don’t know how we will survive as actors!

Kareena Kapoor Khan will soon be seen in ‘The Crew’. Apart from Kareena, Tabu and Kriti Shannon star in Tabu and Kriti Shannon’s ‘The Crew’. The last time Kareena stepped on the screen in 2023 was the Netflix movie ‘Jane Jaan’ holding hands. Kareena has also been roped in as a producer for ‘Buckingham Murders’. Kareena is seen in the role of a detective in this film directed by Hansal Mehta.