Aamir is preparing for marriage!

Aamir Khan married Kiran Rao in 2005 after a few years of separation from ex-wife Reena Dutt. Their married life of 15 years got separated. Aamir asked Kiran for tips on how to be a good husband. But what Bollywood perfectionist is going to get married for the third time!
For the past few years,

Aamir was more in the discussion about his personal life than acting. Breaking up with Kiran Rao, rumors of love with Fatima Sana Sheikh, everything was discussed by Aamir. Coming to the promotion of the film ‘Lapata Ladies’ directed by his ex-wife Kiran,

Aamir said, ‘After the divorce, I asked Kiran, where are my shortcomings as a husband, so that I can fix it next time.’ The actor also said that almost sitting with a notebook and pen, Kiran took out 20 points. But Aamir’s talking too much is one of the faults, said the actor’s ex-wife.

Aamir raised the issue of correcting the wrong next time, since then speculations about the actor’s third marriage have started.